Deshka Wilderness Lodge is located about 10-15 air miles west of WilMap CLICK TO ENLARGElow Alaska on the Deshka River…

The Deshka River begins just south of Denali. Kroto and Moose Creeks flow south from Denali National Park and join together to form the Deshka River one of south central Alaska’s finest salmon and trout rivers. The Deshka River flows south till it meets the Sustina River and flows on down into Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Alaska.

Deshka Wilderness Lodge is located about fifteen miles up from the mouth of the Deshka River.

Our fly-in location gets us faraway from the crowds and into some of the best remote river fishing south central Alaska has to offer.

Air Transportation Alaska Deshka Wilderness LodgeOur guests are flow into our lodge from Lake Hood in Anchorage. During the flight in you will be treated to views of the Alaskan Range and you may even see Denali (North America’s highest mountain) on a clear day.

McKinley from the Deshka Our riverfront location affords us easy access to many miles of river both up and down stream of the lodge. But you don’t even have to get in the boat to catch fish because right out front of the lodge is one of the best fishing holes on the river.
Deshka River Views

The Deshka River is a relatively slow moving river with sweeping bends, cut banks and gravel bars. There are many pools of varying sizes to fish separated by stretches of quick flowing water.

Miles of river to fish, roadless wilderness, hardly any fishing pressure and salmon and trout waiting for your hook. So what are you waiting for? Alaska is calling you.